Complimentary 1040 Overlay Sales Kit


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A tax return tells a story. But the story it tells is often focused on the previous year’s activity. As financial professionals, we know that the more powerful story is the one yet written, the one that addresses a consumer’s mid-term and long-term goals. And the seeds of this story—whether consumers realize it or not—are found in their yearly tax returns.

Our 1040 Overlay Sales Kit is a great way for you to read a client or prospect’s in-progress or completed tax return. This complimentary tool helps you to identify financial protection and planning needs in an easy and effective manner.

The 1040 Overlay Sales Kit includes:

  • Overlays for 1040 and Schedule A
  • 1040 Guide for Tax Returns
  • Case Studies
  • Conversation Starters
  • Updated Tax Tables

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