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Chances are, if your client owns or wants a low-interest rate product like a CD, they A) are gun shy about putting their money into anything tied to the market; or B) don’t know that other, potentially more valuable options are out there.

But they're not likely to look at their calendar and think, “It’s April! I should call my advisor to talk about my CDs.” (That would be way too easy.) If you need help planting the conversation seed, we've designed a wealth of marketing materials to get you started.

Check out everything offered in our 2023 CD Replacement Kit:
  • 2023 Taxable Equivalent Yield chart
  • A split-annuity alternative guide and checklist
  • CD vs. FIA sales strategies
  • An SPL vs. CD calculator
  • Prospecting letters, a fillable fact finder, social cards, and post copy
  • Going Broke Safely and Market Loss Recovery concepts
  • IAMS' Beyond Capital Transfer guide

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