Athene's annuity solutions are changing the game!

Athene has raised rates AND boosted commissions on its top products to give you a competitive edge! Help your clients retire confidently and close out your year on a high note with these market-leading solutions.


MYGA rates to blow away the competition

  • 3-year - 5.75%
  • 5-year - 6.15%
  • 7-year - 6.15%

Second-to-none indexing options

  • 1-year S&P pt-to-pt cap as high as 14%
  • 1-year Nasdaq FC par rate as high as 160%

These rates won't last forever, so fill out the form here to download all the details or call your IAMS Annuity Sales Director at 800-255-5055 for illustrations and licensing.

PLUS: Get double trip credits now through Dec. 31 on all your Athene business!

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