IAMS 2020 Annuity Awareness Month Kit

June is Annuity Awareness Month

This is a great time to talk with clients and prospects about the potential usefulness of an annuity in their retirement.

Two big features that will appeal to consumers are the ability to accumulate tax-deferred cash value (as with fixed and fixed indexed annuities) and the ability to trigger a source of income that cannot be outlived (as with a life-time income rider).

Annuities come in many different shapes and sizes. Some consumers may not even be familiar with the fundamental structure of an annuity. So successfully selling a prospect on an annuity can depend on educating them on the basics and clearly illustrating how an annuity product can fit within their retirement goals.

To help agents and advisors like you, IAMS, Inc. has prepared our 2020 Annuity Awareness Month Kit. This complimentary package contains a wealth of annuity information to help you educate your clients on this valuable financial tool including:

  • Annuity Basics Guide
  • Annuity Slide Presentation
  • Shareable Social Posts
  • 2020 Annual Tax Equivalent Tax Yields
  • Consumer Facing Annuity Concept Pages
  • Letter and email templates.
  • And more!

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