IAMS 2024 Summer Slump Kit

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🌴 Our Summer Slump Kit is back!🌴

You know it and we know it - summer's a great time to be a kid (or a lifeguard 🏊). But for financial professionals like you, it can mean less client contact and limited prospecting opportunities. While some agents take the lull as a chance to kick back and relax, others look for ways to power through.

Now you can get the right tools to weather the seasonal slowdown with our Summer Slump Kit! This free package includes some of our most popular sales guides and festive lead magnet materials.

What's inside:

  • 24 Sales Ideas for 2024
  • Off-Holiday Marketing
  • Surviving the Summer Slump
  • Grassroots Marketing Tactics
  • Fireworks giveaway social images, flyers and entry forms

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